Hani and Victoria wedding video at Villa di Maiano in Tuscany

A Tuscan Dream

Wedding videographer at Villa di Maiano in Tuscany

Having had the pleasure of getting to know Hani and Victoria, it’s very easy for us to imagine them, thirty years from now, walking hand in hand down a sunny street, still in love as if it was the first day of their relationship, while talking about the time they spent in Italy on their destination wedding.
And what a wedding! It was fun and beautiful and emotional and all the cosy and exciting things a happy wedding should be.
Their destination of choice was Tuscany, with its peaceful hills and historical sites.

In the church, Hani waited for his wife-to-be to arrive, and when she did, she stole away everyone’s oxygen. Victoria’s gown was as white as a dove, with a deep V-neck and a long train. She was captivating. An all-white dress may sound like a classic choice, but the sharp lines and the colour enhanced her figure, making her look like a queen. Seeing her painted a wide smile on Hani ‘s face. She walked down the aisle knowing that the rest of her life would begin in a few moments. Every step, every word, bore the weight of all their love.

And then it was time for the lovebirds to celebrate. Those of you who know Florence and its surroundings know that a place like Villa di Maiano are is just a wedding venue. The historical villa was built in 1400 at the feet of Mount Ceceri in Fiesole, in the province of Florence, and it’s a symbol of luxury, excellence and elegance. The perfect place for the Italian destination wedding. Newlyweds and guests alike had the opportunity to take in the atmosphere, while enjoying food and a cake that can only be described as a feast for the eyes and the senses. (and not only), while some of the finest Tuscan wines like Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti delighted their palates.

Ever since Hani and Victoria stumbled into each other’s lives, they knew they were meant to be, and meant to get married in Italy. We always feel lucky and happy when we have the opportunity to witness and film weddings such as this one. As videographers specialised in Italian destination wedding, we at Studio D’Essai are trained to capture details and images through our lenses and, when “our” couples rewatch their wedding films, said details will pop out of the screen and bring new life to their most important day.

And this is why, as we said at the beginning of this entry, when it was time to say our goodbyes, we couldn’t help but imagining them in the far future, on that sunny street, with their fingers interlocked, reminiscing about Florence, and it’s a thought that makes us happy.

Florence is the cradle of the Italian language, the language of love, the language that will describe Hani and Victoria’s union forever.

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