Tuscany Wedding Photographer and Videographer for your special day

Tuscany Wedding: The Emerald Land

Tuscany wedding photographer and videographer

To wed is to start a new adventure. A wedding in Tuscany will change your life forevermore. We at Studio D’Essai specialise in telling your story in a unique way.

With a photojournalistic approach, our photographs are always fresh and new. We have a weak spot for Tuscany and have worked on weddings there multiple times: the countryside is just stunning, with emerald hills and towns sprinkled all over.

Not to mention Florence, Pisa, Siena, Livorno, with their history and amazing settings. Landscapes that will take your breath away and that our filmmakers and photographers will immortalise for you in stylish wedding photographs or videos.

Yes, we do that, too. A videoreportage of your wedding is all the rage, nowadays, did you know? Our videographers will film you and your spouse while you kiss in front of an stunning church and during your vows, will take aerial footage with our drone as you dance your first dance.

There are many great spots where you can pose and have fun while our videographers will film your big day, photograph your special moments, and all of this without interrupting your fun.

A natural smile, a spontaneous kiss is worth a thousand staged photographs. Always in full colour, always there for you!

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