Thomas and Sarah wedding video at Villa Medicea di Lilliano in Florence

A Tuscan Dream

Wedding videographer at Villa Medicea di Lilliano in Florence

A destination wedding is the first chapter in a lifetime of wonders. It is the way to tell your future partner that you would go above and beyond for each other.

A destination wedding in Tuscany, well, that’s a whole other thing. Thomas and Sarah chose its emerald hills to tie the strongest knot known in life.

Tuscany is one of those places you fall in love with as soon as your feet touch the ground. In olden times, its sons have written and rewritten history: from Dante, father of the Italian language, whose work shaped and changed the literary landscape forever, to Lorenzo the Magnificent, patron of artists such as Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci and was instrumental for the birth of Renaissance.

In other words, Tuscany is unique, unforgettable, and, simply put, irresistible.

In the south of the region, on top of its emerald hills stands Villa Medicea di Lilliano, the venue that Sarah and Thomas chose for their most special day. As you surely have guessed by reading its name, the villa was once part of the estate of the Medici, the rulers of Florence. And in that majestic atmosphere, the two lovebirds swore eternal love to each other, among centuries-old trees and the warmth of their guests.

For such an incredible day you need wedding photographers and videographers who know exactly how important those fleeting moments are. The team of Studio D’Essai is composed of trained filmmakers who can capture through their lenses that voyage called love.

The couple knew that in Italy they would find everything they needed. Professionals who become part of your wedding day by taking care of every single detail, like the wedding planners of In Tuscany Wedding, who styled the elegant ceremony, or the Studio D’essai team of photographers, whose eyes for detail made every shot into a work of art.

The lovely couple had a taste of how it feels when you are the centre of the world. They feasted on delicious food and fine wine, got crazy on the dance floor, posed for stylish yet natural wedding photos, and, most importantly, had the time of their lives, for what is life for but to love, drink and dance?

In Tuscany, you have everything you could wish for. Some of the best wine estates in the country, incredible cuisine, the height of Italian culture, places to visit, history, the city of Florence, and sceneries so breathtaking that will set your heart on fire.

Tuscany is the only place on earth where time waits for you.

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