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Sorrento Wedding: The Land of Love

Sorrento wedding, elopement or engagement photography and videography

We have worked side by side for years and know how to put our varied skillsets to use. At every wedding, elopement or engagement, we aim to take the most incredible shots.

Sorrento is a lovely town on the coast, not far from Naples, that really has it all. Firstly, it has got lots of perfect spots where you can get married and take stunning wedding photos and videos.

Second, you will be speechless as you gaze at its colours: the green vegetation and the clear sky, the branching trees, the golden coast caressed by the deep blue Tyrrhenian sea.

You will be able to live and breathe that magical atmosphere as you get lost in the maze-like alleys or spend a night under the moon strolling on the beach.

People from everywhere choose this beautiful coastal town for their destination weddings, and it is not hard to imagine why: picture yourself with your lover, standing hand in hand right in the middle of the famous Piazza Tasso – named after the Italian poet – as you are about to say “I do”, surrounded by your dear ones, with an equipe of professional photographers and videographers ready to make the most stunning wedding reportage just for you!

Trains and buses link the town to the Amalfi Coast or the city of Naples or Pompei and Herculaneum, ferries will take you to Ischia and Capri.

There is no limit to what you can do once you set foot there, be it a holiday, a weekend getaway or the wedding of your dreams, Sorrento is the choice.

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