Panarea Wedding Photographer and Videographer for your special event

Panarea Wedding: The Island of Love

Panarea wedding photographer and videographer

Are you dreaming of an elopement or a destination wedding in Panarea? We can see why.

Making wedding films and taking wedding photographs, for us, is a calling, and Panarea makes for the perfect setting for them.

A part of the Aeolian Islands, in the blue water of the Tyrrhenian Sea and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the volcanic chain contains two active volcanoes and is the result of their activity.

Incredibly beautiful and popular among tourists, their beauty is incomparable.

An aerial shot of Panarea taken with our drone will make your wedding film even more precious. The lush vegetation will send chills down your spine, as well as a feeling of happiness like you have never experienced before.

People travel the world so that they can get married here and enjoy a romantic honeymoon on the islands, surrounded by amazing landscapes and unforgettable views, at just a stone’s throw from Sicily.

A mix of different cultures shaped Panarea in ancient times. Today, the island is a maze of alleys and paths that will lead you to discover its deepest secrets, hidden sandy beaches and dizzying peaks where you can wait for the break of dawn, or you can spend the night at the luxurious Raya, where you will be able to celebrate your love in style.

Our wedding videographers let the events unfold organically and immortalise them through their lenses.

Panarea will stay forever with you in your fondest memories, as well as in your wedding photos and videos.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect wedding, book your tickets, grab your girlfriend or boyfriend by the hand and make your dreams come true!

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