Love under the Capri sun: video of Nikki and Pascal's wedding

A wedding in Capri

Wedding video at Capri Palace Jumeirah

When you’re in love, stars pass through your heart, as Victor Hugo once famously said. That’s what happened to the best-selling author, health guru and app creator Nikki Sharp and her partner Pascal Kummert.

Their love story is one for the ages, as the famous entrepreneur was swept off her feet by the handsome Pascal, who first contacted her online with a DM. They hit it off right away and their connection only deepened in the few weeks that followed. So much, in fact, that only six months later, he asked her family for her hand like a true gentleman and proposed to Nikki at her birthday party on an island in The Bahamas, during a private dinner on the beach. You’d think it doesn’t get more romantic than this.
Well, then you should know they had decided to tie the knot in Italy when they would get married. And on the stunning and exclusive island of Capri. This is their story.

Now, when two people in love organise a wedding, you expect it to be beautiful and wholesome, but Nikki and Pascal’s Italian three-day destination wedding in Capri exceeded every and all expectations. Their priority was to celebrate their union with the people they love so, on their first day on the island – after visiting Anacapri to take in the atmosphere and the views – they hosted a welcome party for their guests at Hotel Caesar Augustus, where Nikki’s mother and Pascal’s father gave heartfelt speeches to toast to the future of their children.

The following day, The Big Day, was triumph of class and beauty. The couple hired Distinctive Italy Weddings to plan for the evening, and Italian wedding photographers and videographers from Studio D’Essai to document those precious moments with their unique blend of photojournalistic approach and candid style. The Italian professionals’ dedication to their craft made the day even more unforgettable.

When the wonderful bride showed up on the roof of the six-star Capri Palace Jumeirah walking on the white and blue flowers that led to her hubby-to-be, she was absolutely gorgeous, it was like a bright light emanated from her. She wore “The Giovanna” a strapless wedding gown with an elegant bodice made by Galia Lahav. The radiant newlyweds said “I do” and swore their everlasting love to each other before giving their all on the dancefloor. A friend of theirs, Nicola Winspeare Gucciardi, aka Nikki DJ, took care of the music for the evening, but the couple had another surprise in store: Nikki and Pascal sung the two-time Grammy award and Academy winner song “Shallow” from the movie A Star is Born for their guests, who stared in delight at their performance. By that time, Nikki had changed into a minidress reminiscent of the 20s.

The Italian destination wedding in Capri was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Nikki and Pascal. Partying, enjoying themselves and having their dream wedding on the background of the glistening sea and the views that will stay with them forever, as every significant moment was captured by the expert eye of the filmmakers who blended with the crowd so that their wedding video would be as genuine as possible. The following morning, Nikki and Pascal had the chance to enjoy the beach with their friends at Lido del Faro. A great new beginning for them, sharing those priceless first moments of their new life looking in each other’s eyes, sharing tender kisses and laughs. We know that the memories they made in Italy will never fade away.

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