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Lake Como Wedding: everything your Heart Desires

Lake Como wedding or elopement photographer and videographer

A photograph for your engagement in Lake Como is an opportunity to steal a fragment of time to keep in your hearts – as well as in your fondest memories – forever.

In Northern Italy there are plenty of places worth visiting, but Lake Como is definitely the most famous. It could be due to the global megastars that live in the lakeside villas or because of its historical relevance.

I Promessi Sposi, Alessandro Manzoni’s novel starts with an accurate description of the branches, the promontory and, of course, of the Alps overlooking the water.

Studio D’Essai photographers and filmmakers have taken and shot a plethora of photographs and videos there, and can hardly imagine a better place for a wedding.

And it is perfect that The Betrothed was set here, as Lake Como is a the top choice for destination weddings. The setting is just stunning, and offers plenty of ideas to plan and make your special day truly amazing.

You could stay in one of the Renaissance residences like Villa D’Este. The city will offer you a wide range of locations, whether you are an architecture buff, history addict or a literature enthusiast.

There are farms in the surrounding areas that honeymooners can visit and enjoy some of the local delicacies.

You will fall in love all over again with your other half in this exciting place. Our videographers are specialised in shooting wedding films that will put you at the centre.

Last but not least, in Como you could bump into George Clooney or one of the many stars that have chosen Lake Como as their home or have decided to get married right there on the lakeside.

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