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Capri Wedding: To wed near Faraglioni

Photographers and Videographer for wedding and elopement in Capri

Capri is the top choice for destination weddings. People from all around the world decide to get married there, and there a very simple reason: the island is the very heart of the Gulf of Naples, surrounded by crystal waters and majestic underwater caves – in particular the Grotta Azzurra – where tourists can witness all the wonders Mother Nature has to offer.

Now, try and picture yourself on the beach, with Naples in the background, with your lover by your side… this really is a magical place for a wedding photo, isn’t it?

Connected to the mainland by ferries and hydrofoils, Capri is blessed with perfect weather and stunning landscapes like the Faraglioni, the Belvedere di Tragara and the funicular, that links the coast to the center of the island.

We know Capri like the back of our hands. We have often worked and stayed there, and know exactly how to shoot the perfect wedding photograph with the Faraglioni on the background, or film your engagement on the golden beaches and the characteristic alleys.

What about an elopement? Our filmmakers have the right experience and vision to make the perfect video for you to remember it by. A site of cultural and historical relevance since ancient times, Capri is home to museums and galleries, aqueduct and ancient villas that date back to the Roman Republic.

It was also present in Virgil’s Aeneid and in the works of many prominent painters and authors such as Romaine Brooks and Norman Douglas, making it a unique location for your unique wedding. You will have the pleasure to taste fantastic food in the company of your families and friends, pose for amazing photographs and live an unforgettable adventure.

We will be there for you, every step of the way: whether you want a stylish wedding reportage or a video engagement.

Capri is the island of dreams (and dream weddings), and it is waiting for you!

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