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Wedding in Italy

Your dream wedding in a wonderful Italian location

Rome | Venice | Naples | Capri | Sorrento | Positano | Ravello | Amalfi Coast | Tuscany | Florence | Lake Como | Panarea


Rome | Venice | Naples | Capri | Sorrento | Positano | Ravello | Amalfi Coast | Tuscany | Florence | Lake Como | Panarea

A destination wedding in Italy is an incredible opportunity for a couple to live a once in a lifetime adventure in a place where love meets passion and culture.

Studio D’Essai’s photographers and videographers will give their all to make this experience even more unforgettable. Whether you choose the North or the South, you will always find stunning sceneries, breathtaking landscapes and amazing venues for your engagement, elopement or wedding. From Lake Como to Panarea, from Naples to Rome or from the Amalfi Coast to Venice or Florence, each pace has a unique feel to it that will make you know for certain that there is no other place in the world for you.

Anywhere you choose to celebrate your love, our reportage photographers can provide you with a wide variety of options: wedding photographs and films, a video engagement or a video elopement, all of which will tell your story in an unobtrusive manner,

The icing on the (wedding) cake is, of course, the typical Italian warmth. Not only the perfect weather but also the people and the care they have in everything they do to make your big day unique. This is exactly how we work at Studio D’Essai.

So, what else can Italy offer you? Delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere, stunning landmarks and so much more. Religious, civil or symbolic weddings can be performed here regardless of nationality or gender. Maybe in a Tuscan castle or on a white sandy beach in Capri you will find the perfect spot for you.

There is no better souvenir of such a lovely time than a professional wedding film. Something irreplaceable that will take you back to those places where everything seems to come straight out of an artist’s fantasy. Afterwards, the urge to come visit us again will take over, for you will remember that reality is better than your wildest dreams. Composer Giuseppe Verdi once said “you may have the universe if I may have Italy”, and we add “because in Italy you can find a new universe”. The only things you need are a good travel agent, the will to be amazed, and an equipe of wedding photographers and videographers ready to make those memories last forever.

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