Rionach and David's Wedding Video at the Tuscan resort Villa Barberino

The summer wedding of David and Rionach

Villa Barberino Wedding Videographer

Rionach and David are made for each other. It’s a fact. You can tell by looking at them. Every glance, every smile, their chemistry almost palpable. And it all culminated in Florence on the day of their Italian destination wedding. We were there, and let us tell you, it was just amazing.

It was a beautiful summer day, the one that Rionach greeted with a smile from the window of her bridal suite, where she got ready for her big day. Helped by her mother and her maid of honour, she put on her dress, a sophisticated wedding gown completed by a long train. It was a beautiful sight, the complicity between two generations of women who shared an emotional moment before heading to the church.
Dr. Seuss famously said that “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”, and we can only imagine the trepidation Rionach and David must have been feeling the last few nights leading to their wedding.

We shot their first look right before the ceremony, and we can honestly say that their reaction to each other was the best part of the day. Their wide eyes and wider smiles were moving.

At 3 pm the ceremony started at Gaville Church, a thousand year old parish, built in the Tuscan countryside. Such a stunning setting would be enough to give any wedding the aura of a fairy tale, but David and Rionach were front and center. Their love filled the space and people’s hearts, their words resonated with us all. They swore each other eternal love and suddenly the sky seemed way lighter. You know, it’s a beautiful thing, being a wedding videographer. In order to document our couples’ happiness without interfering, you need to balance many things, without ever losing the forest for the trees. Studio D’Essai are specialised Italian wedding destination videographers who know how to focus on the details while keeping the shooting as natural and as fresh as it should be.

The newlyweds enjoyed some time in the lush garden of the Tuscan luxury resort Villa Barberino where they dined and proceeded with the traditional cutting of the cake. The day went on well into the night. Everything was grand, and when the party moved inside around 10 pm and the music started, there was a bit of a snowball effect as the couple and guests crowded the dance floor and showed their best moves. All those dancing classes really paid off!

Jokes aside, Rionach and David’s wedding was a journey through a day of wholesomeness and the first step into a long life of discovery and joy. We wish you a long and happy life, guys!

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