Umberto and Ida's Wedding Photos and Videos at Villa Angelina

A special wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Umberto and Ida's Wedding Photos and Videos at Villa Angelina
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Villa Angelina Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Dr. Seuss once said that “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams”. We can easily imagine that Ida and Umberto weren’t able to sleep a wink the night before their wedding on the Amalfi Coast!

These are historically unique times, especially since COVID-19 revolutionised the way we live and interact with the world around us, and yet herein lies our strength as human beings. Love cannot be stopped. It will endure all things. Ida and Umberto’s big day is a testament to this, and at Studio D’Essai we were proud of being there for them to shoot their wedding videos and photos.

When the sun rose, our team split to film the preparations. Ida got ready with her mother and her hairstylist at her house, in Santa Maria a Vico. Her sophisticated hairstyle was enriched by a parure of sapphire blue earrings and a ring, a tribute to the one made famous by the Princess of Wales herself, Lady Diana Spencer.

In the meantime, in San Felice a Cancello, we could see that Umberto was quaking with anticipation. He wore classical black tuxedo with a cummerbund about his waist and white bowtie. Our groom was ready to go!

The religious wedding was held in a church in the center of Santa Maria a Vico, the bride’s hometown, as tradition dictates. Ida walked down the aisle looking absolutely stunning in her silk bridal gown. The wide square neckline, together with the bouquet made out of delicate, white roses and her finely embroidered veil, enhanced her natural beauty, making her look like a modern princess. You couldn’t help but sigh when Umberto declared his enduring love for her. A heartfelt moment that we captured in its candidness.

Afterwards, we all followed the newlyweds to the Amalfi Coast, as the sun was smiling at us through the clouds. Destination: Villa Angelina, in Massa Lubrense. Elegant, evocative, with a marvelous, lush garden adorned with a huge roman column, Villa Angelina is an incredible wedding venue that stands on a high, green hill. Even when a few clouds started covering the sky with their silvery luminescence, the view of Capri and Naples from its world-famous terrace, shaped like the bow of a cruise ship, was just incredible, and made for even more stylish wedding photo ops.

The feast was held in the dining room of the hotel, where refined and delicious dishes from traditional southern cuisine were served. Ida and Umberto entrusted themselves to the capable hands of AC Ricevimenti Catering. All those involved made sure to make sensible choices so as to make everything as safe and relaxed as possible in these unique times.

The renowned Raoul & Swing Orchestra delighted the newlyweds and their guests alike during dinner, and when the sky cleared up again we all went back outside for the buffet. The pastries were just out of this world, and the wedding cake was gargantuan. Ida and Umberto enjoyed the fireworks and raised their glasses to their health and love, before proceeding to the traditional cake cutting. Needless to say, everything was just perfect!

As the night went on, they danced and cheered, for a new beginning was ahead of them, filled with hope and joy.

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