Wedding of Arsen and Maria in Venice: the video of their special day

A very Venice destination wedding

According to the famous poet Arthur Symons, “A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.” Words to live by, we say. Venice is the quintessential romantic getaway, an incredibly beautiful place where dream meets reality, rich with history and atmosphere. Arsen and Maria know it all too well. The two young lovbirds are madly in love, and chose the city of canals for the most important day of their lives: their destination wedding!

Uncountable couples tie the knot in Venice every year, and each destination wedding in the lagoon city has a truly unique vibe to it. Arsen and Maria’s celebrations were indeed one of the most unforgettable events that the wedding videographer of Studio D’Essai have ever had the honour to record. They got married on the small island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, which has been home to the monastery of the Mekhitarists, an Armenian Catholic congregation, since 1717. This striking location is steeped in history, and thanks to its dreamy atmosphere it was the perfect frame for Arsen and Maria’s traditional Armenian wedding.

With the venue they have chosen, they surely made Arsen’s father – vice president of the executive committee of the Russian Football Union Ashot Khachaturyants – very, very proud.
Armenian weddings are all about tradition and customs. Every single detail has a precise meaning and is of the utmost importance to the success of such a memorable day. For example, before the bride wears the veil herself, she circles it over her single friends’ heads in order to bring them luck in finding a loving and respectful husband. Then a happily married woman puts the veil on the bride’s head, to ensure that the young lady will have a long and happy marriage.

Everything went like clockwork during the rite and the celebrations. It was a day full of emotional moments that took everyone’s breath away, so it goes without saying that the aim of the destination wedding videographers of Studio D’essai was – as it always is – to document every meaningful moment as it is, without interfering with the natural unfolding of the events.

The bride was shimmering in her impalpable wedding gown. It modestly covered her shoulders, while elongating her silhouette with a classy v-shaped neck and plummeting backline. The silky and weightless fabric was enriched by geometrical embroidery on the neckline and on the skirt, which ended in a court train.

The most important part of an Armenian wedding is the crowning of the bride and groom: it is just as important as exchanging wedding rings. When Maria finally wore the traditional Armenian headpiece, a shiver of joy went through her new hubby. The culmination of the wedding was when the bride and groom were crowned king and queen of their household, signifying that they now have their own little kingdom to cherish and protect.

During the reception, it is not uncommon to see the guests raise their glasses and proclaim: “May you grow old on one pillow!”. This is a very well known toast that is often used in Armenian weddings: it wishes the newlyweds the best of luck in having a long lasting, fruitful and joyous union, so that they can grow old side by side, falling asleep every night in each other’s arms. We wish this for them, and so much more. Their journey has started in Italy, and we’re sure that, wherever it will lead them, they will always be together.

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