Americo and Rosa's Wedding Video at National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa

A Wedding Among the Trains

National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa Wedding Videographer

Probably Americo and Rosa stayed up all night before their big day. There is nothing ordinary about this wonderful couple from Caserta and their winter wedding. Without further ado, let’s get into the amazing details that made this whole story unique.

First and foremost, the connection that they share. They must have felt like they have been lost for years before finding each other. A love so deep that words cannot begin to describe. 
They got married at Colle Sant’Alfonso, a majestic church in Torre del Greco that holds a special place in their hearts. Americo’s sister, Marica, got married there too with her husband Sandro.

A winter wedding is a marvelous idea. In that time of year you are able see the naked landscape, its bones. Only then you can understand how beautiful the world is underneath the surface. And it is even more special when you have an evening ceremony. The city lights, the church standing in the dark, everything looks different in that evocative atmosphere.

When the beautiful bride set foot on the church forecourt, time stopped for a minute. Her white, elegant wedding dress was like a vision in the night. She opted for a soft gown with an illusion neckline that left her upper back exposed and a short train. When Americo saw her, he knew she was the last missing piece in his life.

Quick change of scenery: the celebrations were held at another incredible place: The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa. Founded by King Ferdinand II in 1840, it was admired and seen as an inspiration even by the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas I. A testament to the ingenuity of the Italians. As you may have guessed, it is not easy to book a wedding at Pietrarsa, but the elated couple had no reason to fear the unexpected, as the wedding planner Simona Borea anticipated their every need and the expert videographers of Studio D’Essai took charge of the delicate task of filming their story with the light touch of a feather. The groom, Americo, is passionate about photography. He himself took a few pictures at his own wedding and at his sisters’. This is another – double – thing in common about the two weddings: they chose the same wedding planner and wedding videographers, and this alone speaks volumes about their work. The photographer was the renown Carlo Carletti, another giant in his field.

Americo and Rosa took a walk around the pavilions, admiring the Italian craftsmanship of wagons and locomotives, posing for pictures and staring in awe at the life they found ahead. The banquet was held in the main pavilion, perfectly decorated for the occasion. High ceilings, large smiles and a piece of Italian history to keep them company. What more could you ask? An Italian wedding is art, we know it well. Afterwards, the party moved to another pavilion, where pianobar Filisdeo has delighted the many guests with his music. The acoustics were incredible. More than 350 people singing along to classical and modern songs, dancing and jumping around. It was a sight to behold.

When the music stopped for a tad, Rosa and Americo looked everyone in the eyes and raised their glasses. Before the traditional cut of the cake, they had a toast. All hands were in the air at the same time, like a wave of love. It was time for a few words about life, friendship and promises to keep forever. Then, they dove into the celebrations once again, and did not stop until late night.

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