Wedding Video at Grand Hotel des Borromées on Lake Maggiore

A dream wedding on Lake Maggiore

Wedding Videographer at Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées

When Emily and Aaron landed in Milan, on their first day in Italy, they immediately knew that they were in for the ride of their lives. The two young Americans have been blessed with something we often only see in romance novels: a single heart whose halves are split in two chests, which can only find its rhythm when they are pieced back together.

If you appreciate love in all its forms and shapes as we do, you will surely know that Emily and Aaron deserved something special to begin their new life together. And a destination wedding in Italy, where love is a way of life, was of course the perfect way to capture all the passion and beauty of their relationship.

This is their story.

The two lovers found the ideal location to film their first look in the gardens of the opulent Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées.

Aaron was waiting for his soulmate, holding his breath, his heart racing faster than ever. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as the groom, dressed in a traditional black tuxedo and bowtie, still hadn’t seen the bride. When Emily finally appeared, she was dressed in a long, white wedding dress from Estee’ Couture bridal gowns, which highlighted her natural beauty and elegance and made her appear like a princess from a fairy tale.

This is but one of the perks of having professional Italian wedding videographers and filmmakers capture your destination wedding. We at Studio D’Essai has been extremely lucky to have the chance to capture those priceless and spontaneous moments, the genuine smiles, the surprise, and the tears of joy for Aaron and Emily.

The wedding moved to Villa Frua, a stunning early 20th-century summer residence on Lake Maggiore where the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed an aperitif in the garden before dining in the glass house with some of the finest Italian dishes and wines. Thanks to the wonderful work of Jayne from Casa Collina Events’ wedding planners, everything went off like clockwork.

Then, Emily and Aaron’s first dance, the tender looks they shared, the heartfelt speeches made by the best man and maid of honour, as well as the father of the bride dancing with his daughter to the notes of a slow ballad that left everyone smiling and crying, were all captured on camera by our wedding videographers. For everyone of them, the day had been incredible, and the night was still young.

It was finally time for the customary cake cutting.

Everyone was thrilled. The enormous strawberry and cream cake was displayed on the terrace like a monument to Italian craftsmanship. All the guests had a taste of paradise and enjoyed themselves as the party went on well into the night.

Aaron and Emily turned their gaze away for a moment, beyond the lake and into the future, knowing that their world had changed forever.

This was only the first step of a lifelong journey of love and happiness.


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