Video professionali per Matrimonio in stile fotogiornalistico

Wedding Videographer in Italy

Videography for your wedding day, engagement, elopement or wedding proposal in Italy

Filmmaking is in our bloodstream. With more than 15 years of experience and an endless cinematography knowledge, we draw our inspiration from the timeless classics and the greatest directors of all time: Bertolucci, Welles, Fellini are not just names for us, but reasons to do what we do.

When two souls in love entrust us with their biggest day, we do our best to capture their essence, that sparkle that makes every couple truly unique. For a wedding video, what we look for is that moment when she looks at him and he does not notice, or that large smile that takes over every other expression when he sees her walking down the aisle.

A fleeting moment, a natural reaction that will live for that short while, a fragment of life. Ours is a documentary approach. We aim to tell a story, a real one, and we do it with style. Videography is what we live and breathe, a second nature. The use of the wide-angle combined with aerial drone footage allows us to show and contextualise the surroundings and have different points of view from our videographers.

Whether it is for a wedding film, a video engagement or a elopement, two different professional filmmakers on the ground put their skills to work as a third one maneuvers the drone. What makes our work unlike any other is our way to follow the natural unfolding of the events as the day progresses. We blend in with the guests and, with a sharp eye and extreme attention, we film an accurate account without altering the facts.

The way we work is simple and effective: we aim to get to know our clients, to touch their heart and immortalise their love forever. Every romance is an intense rollercoaster of emotions and every wedding is the sum of all the things that make a couple great. We love stories that move us and want to tell them with our films for you to savour them for years to come.

Then, we shape your wedding video In post-production. One of the most important things is to have a clear picture in mind of what the final product should be, and we and work around the clock to make it a reality. We combine different points of view, aerial footage shots taken with state-of-the-art drones and tasteful music to match the mood of the wedding video. Instead of one-hit-wonders, we cherry-pick those tunes which best fit the atmosphere.

Every place has its own music, its defining sound, and this is one of the reasons why we choose it with the utmost care: Mina, Adriano Celentano, Ornella Vanoni, all the Italian classics, but also great international singers like The Beatles.

We told you, this is what we promise you: A reportage style wedding video that is as fresh and innovative as it is traditional. Having worked on countless destination weddings and engagements, we have learned that another fundamental aspect of storytelling is lighting: we love to play with colours and shadows as long as they are natural.

To bring our subjects to life, we take advantage of those hundredths of a second where the sun warmly embraces a couple’s first kiss or when the moonlight shines on their first dance. William Shakespeare said that “all the world’s a stage”, and we could not agree more.

A stage that is already perfect the way it is, and cannot wait to be a part of your fondest memories.

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