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5 Spectacular castle wedding venues in Italy

4 November 2020

We all have a person we love and cherish, someone we have been together for a day, a year, a decade. It doesn’t matter how long, what matters is how much we love them. If you are like us, you are probably surfing the web for amazing ideas for your big day. Well, look no further, for we have the right solution for you. A wedding in an Italian castle!

It sounds amazing, right? If you have ever been to Italy, you probably already know that there are a great many castles on hills, lakes and by the sea. There is even one on the sea, in Naples. They offered protection from raiders or refuge from enemies and had strategic value for kings and queens. But a castle has always been far more than a defensive structure. In their gargantuan rooms and halls, for example, a ruler would hold a grand ball to honor their esteemed guests; great celebrations and elegant weddings to unite ruling dynasties, followed by feasts so big that everyone, subjects included, was invited to participate in the celebrations. This is the very matter of myth and legends, and nothings says “I am having my fairy-tale wedding” as getting married in a castle.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most incredible castles for your Italian wedding!

You can literally live your dream, get dressed in the fanciest wedding dress and get married in a 14th century castle in Bracciano. Castello Odescalchi is a top choice for classy weddings and definitely one of the most elegant and famous. Probably this name rings a bell for all you history buffs. Situated just outside of Rome, this enchanted location is the perfect venue for a religious or a symbolic ceremony. As big fans of history and architecture themselves, our wedding filmmakers and photographers of Studio D’Essai have a way of capturing your happiest moments without neglecting the amazing locations that you choose. This is because every element is paramount when we tell your story, from the tiniest detail to the biggest one.

The seaside Castle of Montefalco, in Sicily, just outside Palermo, is as incredible as it sounds. It is the perfect location if you want all the grandeur of a 10th Century estate for a big wedding by the sea. We are sure you can picture yourself exploring the ancient tower or posing for a unique wedding photos in the lush garden overlooking the coast of the island. If said photos are worth a thousand words, we encourage you to go online and have a look at this stunning place, then think about how it would feel to be the centre of the scenery.

Castello Rossino in Lake Como is a perfect mix of style and history. With its breathtaking view of the lake and the Alps, the castle is probably the most famous venue in northern Italy. Here you can celebrate your love and host more than 100 guests. The estate itself is a work of art: there is a majestic park if you want to have an outdoor reception, dining rooms that will leave you in awe. You can of course opt for a civil or symbolic rite, here. There is also the possibility to spend the night in the tower, which will make the experience even more unique.
We also have a bit of trivia for you: if you happen to come across the historical novel from Alessandro Manzoni, you will find out that Castello Rossino is the where that the famous Unnamed (Innominato) from The Betrothed lived.

Southern Italy is renowned for its historic buildings. Castello Medioevale is, as the name suggests, a medieval castle half an hour away from the Amalfi Coast. As soon as you set foot inside its walls, you will you will be welcomed by flag weavers and trumpeters in medieval clothes for a toast. And this is not the only unbelievable thing you will witness during your stay. A renaissance-style room where you can celebrate in style, a garden with a view on the Monti Lattari for your party, fountains that are literal works of art, flowering trees and a string trio to set the mood while you have a romantic dinner outside.

We will stay down south for the next marvel on our list. In the countryside of Naples, in Nola, to be exact, there is Castello Lancellotti, one of the most evocative castles you will ever see. The manor was built before the year 1000 and then completely rebuilt in 1870, after being burned down by French republicans.
Imposing, elegant, Castello Lancellotti will make you feel like royalty. There you’ll have the chance to visit its immense library, armory and towers. Can you even imagine? You will be on cloud nine as you tie the knot with your one true love in this majestic place.

Italian castle weddings are in vogue, but they are also an elegant and exciting way to make the most important milestone of all. And these are only a few examples of just how it can be done. So, take your partner by the hand, book the venue of your dreams, choose the wedding photographer that can match your vision and set sail for this incredible adventure in the land of beauty and love!